ASDS Zoom Christmas Potluck Showcase!!

ASDS Zoom Christmas Potluck Showcase!!
Hello Everyone,
The Christmas season is almost here.
And in keeping with our tradition, we will once again be hosting our annual
ASDS Christmas Potluck Showcase
but this year, with a slight twist.
ASDS Zoom Christmas Potluck Showcase
Saturday, December 19th, 2020
7:00 P.M.

All Students
Choose your favourite Christmas solo routine which you performed in a previous year.
Couples can perform and record a new routine.
Students who dance with their teacher can perform and record a new contactless routine.
We will watch your solo routine, and cheer you on during our Zoom Showcase.
Speak to your teacher for more details.
Make sure to have some of your favourite foods and beverages with you!
Everyone can participate! All levels!

Please confirm your presence and we hope you join us at Zoom party! It will be lots of fun!

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