Boston 2019

Huge respect and congratulations goes to Julie, Leyanis and Anna for doing an excellent job at DBDC 2019 dance competition in Boston!!So proud of you ladies for your hard work, dedication to dance, fighting to the end and representing Canada in US at the highest note!! So overall we got 22 first places, 17 second places and 16 third places!!! That’s a lot considering competitions in States are much bigger than in Canada and way more competitors in each category!!! Also we’ve got all top solo routines with the highest marks in all levels, 1st place Best of the best in Caribbean Mix Challenge, 1st place Best of the best Open International 10 dance Scholarship, 2nd place Rhythm Championship, 3rd place Rhythm Scholarship, 3rd place Smooth Championship, 3rd place Smooth Scholarship, 4th place Open Latin Scholarship!!! Wow what a great achievement and what a great results ladies so so proud of all of you!!! Go ASDS Go and Congratulations Woohoo!!

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